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Minutes October 23, 2019

The Meeting of October 23, 2019 was held at the Texas Masonic Retirement Center

On Wednesday Oct 23, 2019; we held our annual joint 14th & 64th District Masters,

Wardens and Secretaries meeting at Texas Masonic Retirement Center for Candidate

Forum for those brothers who are making themselves available for the Grand South in


The 64th District MWSA Officers are Mark Myers-President; Greg Wright-Vice President;

Zachary Haston-Secretary; and Joe Scolari-Treasurer

The 14th District MWSA Officers are Jeff Haven-President Scott G. Hill -Vice President

Robert De Luna-Secretary Casey Bostain- Treasurer and George Rutherford-Ambassador of the 14th and 64th Districts. Kevin Morton, our Chaplain was absent.

The 14th District hosted this year’s meeting.

President Jeff Haven opened with invocation, the Arlington Assembly No. 96 Rainbow Girls prepared a delicious meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans with delicious assortment of desserts. A big Thank you to Tina Stevens and the young ladies. A big Thank you to Gary Blair for allowing us to use the dining room for our event.

The meeting portion started promptly at 7:30pm but our Ambassador was not properly

dressed so DDGM escorted Brother George to President Haven so he could present his Red Sash that had been misplaced by George. President Haven conducted a short business portion by entertaining a motion by Seth Alston to donate $250 to the Arlington Assembly No. 96, motion passed unanimously. After introductions were made of the Officers of both MWSA’s, Vice President Scott G. Hill introduced our dignitaries which included MI Grand Master James D. Kirkpatrick, Royal and Select Masters plus several of his Grand Officers Don Paul Payton, Charles Maddox, Ricky Cox; then our past presidents from both districts, several DI’s, we introduced DDGMs present, two from District 64: George R. Havens-64D; and Lewis Marchbanks-64A and Four from District 14: Richard Schlaudroff-14A, David R. Gisler-14B, Michael L. Brummett-14C, and Benny A.Bass-14G. We were honored in having the GJW Brad Billings, GSW Ken Curry and PGM Elmer Murphy in attendance. President Haven introduced two district instructors from the Houston area who are making themselves available for Committee on Work have made themselves available for the Committee on Work Alvin Lee Holomon and Kenneth Dale Young.

President Haven then asked the four candidates who are making themselves I would like to invite our FOUR candidates who are making themselves available for the Grand South to take center stage –Carl Wunsche, G. Clay Smith, George Moxley, Raborn Reader as he shared comments about the format for the questions and time allotment for responses. President Haven was asked by MW Terry W. Stogner to share questions in advance to be fair to all the candidates which we did. President Haven then introduced Past President Chris Livingston to be Emcee the Question and Answer session. We finished up right at 8:30pm and a standing ovation was made for all who participated. All four candidates did a great job with the questions and Chris Livingston did an excellent job keeping the flow of the meeting. By all accounts it looked like we had about 100 participants for the event including the Rainbow Girls, which was a great turnout for the rescheduled event. The next meeting for the 14th District will be held on Wednesday Nov 20 and we will review the resolutions for next year’s Grand Lodge. The meeting was officially closed after prayer.

Darrell Hefley did a fantastic job on the photographs.

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