The Traveling Gavel Competition

The Traveling Gavel is a friendly and brotherly competition designed to encourage and stimulate inter-lodge visitations from Brethren across the 14th District. The 14th Districts Visitation Gavel was initially presented to Richardson Masonic Lodge #1214 at their 1999 Installation of Officers by Brother Arthur Karl “Dino” Dean of Cedar Creek Lodge #300, Kurten, TX. It is now used to encourage visitation between the Lodges of the 14th Masonic Districts in the hope of fostering Brotherly Love and the sharing of ideas, lodge methods, and fellowship.

The “rules” for the Visitation Gavel are as follows:

The current holder of the Gavel will keep it until another Lodge from the 14th Districts brings at least 8 of it’s members to one of the current holder’s stated meetings or degrees. In the interest of fairness, if a member of a visiting lodge is also a member of the lodge currently holding the gavel, he should not be considered a visitor and his attendance should not be included in any visiting lodge’s total.

That visiting Lodge then is allowed to take the Gavel and remain the holder until it is taken from them in the same manner.

Every time the Gavel is taken, the new holder should:

  1. Log into the Record Book their Lodge’s name, the number of members that visited the prior holder’s Lodge, and the date taken.

   2. Call the current President of the MWSA and let him know that they are now the new        holder of the Gavel so he can inform the other Lodges of the Districts.


Should 2 or more Lodge’s with equal number of members of 8 or more visit the current gavel holder at the same stated meeting, a coin flip, or other method agreeable to the Lodges, will be used to determine the new holder.

2020 - Present

Current/Previous Gavel Holders
Date Received
No. of Visitors
Oak Cliff Lodge No. 705
March 10, 2020

2000 - 2019