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Minutes May 29, 2019

The Meeting of April 24, 2019 was held at Mesquite Lodge

Open at 7:30 pm

1. Opening Prayer – (KM)

2. Welcome from President – (KW)

3. Pledges to American and Texas Flags – (KW)

4. Introduction of Host Lodge – (KW)

5. Introduction of Officers – (KW)

6. Introduction of Past Presidents and Dignitaries – (JH)

7. Program – Lodge Education presented by Brother David Bindel

8. Minutes to be approved

a. Motion made by Scott Hill to approve as posted, Seconded by Jeff Haven, Motion Carried

9. Treasurers Report

a. Read by Brother Robert DeLuna, Motion made by RD to pay bills as they come due, Motion seconded by JH, motion carried

10. Old Business

a. Introduction of Brothers making themselves available for the MWSA line b. Reminder about Scotch Tasting

11. New Business

a. Motion

12. Sickness and Distress

13. Announcements from the floor

14. Calendar

a. Scotch Tasting tomorrow evening b. MWSA Elections and Installation – Knox Corinthian July 31

15. Closing Prayer – (KM)

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