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Minutes May 26, 2021

May Stated Meeting – Held at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral May 26, 2021

The May Stated Meeting was held in downtown Dallas at the Scottish Rite Cathedral on May 26th, 2021. It was very special meeting for two reasons. First, it was the official 14th District Grand Master’s Banquet. And secondly, it was the celebration and award presentation to our very own Ambassador George Rutherford for 50 years of Masonic service.

Dinner was served in the Crystal Ballroom at 6:30. Close to 7:30, everyone retired up to the auditorium for the night’s program. President Hill welcomed everyone and quickly covered the usual monthly business, including a Treasurer’s Report by Treasurer Bindel and paying bills.

George Rutherford is a pillar of North Texas Masonry. Although raised a Yankee, George quickly found his way to Texas. He has proudly been a Mason for over 51 years and has visited more lodges than most ever will. He is the epitome of what this fraternity is about.

After a quick and comical look at George’s Masonic career by Neal Roberts, Grand Master Ken Curry presented George with his 50 year pin. Different representatives from the 14th and 64th districts presented George with a beautiful Ambassador’s Masonic apron. Afterwards, Brother Rutherford introduced his family and gave a few remarks.

There being nothing more to come before the association, we closed with prayer and continued fellowship at the Green Door.

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