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Minutes July 29, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The Meeting of July 29, 2020 was held at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral

A fun evening was had by all, the only thing can could have made it better was a nice meal before the event but due to COVID-19, that did not happen.

The meeting opened by gavel a few minutes late at 7:36pm by President Jeff Haven. The Gavel used was made by Brother Erwin “Bo” Blankenmeister. I was fortunate to assist several years ago and present Bo his 60th Masonic Service award.

Brother Kevin Morton lead us off with a heartfelt prayer to start the meeting off in good terms.

After Pledges to our flag of our country and great state, Brother President introduced the officers elected and appointed in attendance: Ambassador George Rutherford, Chaplain Kevin Morton, Treasurer Casey Bostain and President Jeff Haven. Our Secretary and Vice President were absent.

Brother President asked WM Oliver Ham of Highland Lodge No. 1150, our host lodge to introduce his officers and lodge brother’s present.

Brother Treasurer introduced our Past Presidents and distinguished guests. Tonight, we had the pleasure of having Past President Malcolm Shaw attend the meeting, he is the oldest Past President to attend our 14MWSA Meetings the past four years. Thank you, Malcom, for your presence this evening. Malcom served as President back in 1985-1986 and shared that dues 35 years ago were 5 cents per member and recalled that Tannehill donated $50.00 each year. We had several other Past Presidents in attendance tonight starting with our Junior PP Kyle Wahlquist, Chris Livingston, Brad Billings, Steve Rankin.

We had the following District Instructors in attendance tonight: Darrel Hefley, Chris Livingston, and Herb Garon.

We had the following DDGM’s in attendance: Robert Moore 14A, Joseph B Labellarte 14C, Bob Jensen 14E, Carl Douglas Kelton 14G, and David Bindel 14H. Thank you all for coming out and supporting 14 th MWSA.

RW Jim Rumsey who is committee on work was in attendees for the Northern Territory of the state. Thanks, Jim, for your attendance and support.

We had three people who have made themselves available for the Grand South next January in attendance: George Moxley, Brad Reel, and Joe Baron. We also have our very own former DDGM Richard Schlaudroff who has made himself available for the Grand Secretaries office. Brother Casey Bostain did a great job on his first introduction this evening, filling in for Brother Scott G. Hill, our VP who was absent.

We also had two masons from the other side of the river join us in Dallas County, Past president Corey Harris of 64 th District MWSA, and Past President of the Fort Worth Masonic Service Bureau James Kirkpatrick in attendance tonight

Due to the purpose of tonight’s event, we tabled the Secretary and Treasurer Report.

Brother President did a roll call of lodges present tonight, see encl. 2 for the results of members present.

The host lodge of Highland Park had 7 members present, then Hillcrest Lodge was second with 6 members present. We did not have any members present from eleven lodges of our district.

Brother President Jeff Haven gave a year in review via power point and it has been posted to our website for those who could not attend in person.

Chris Livingston ran the elections tonight and did a wonderful job. He first explained who can vote tonight. He assigned a tellers committee comprised of the following:

Kyle Wahlquist, RW Jim Rumsey, Steve Rankin, and RW Brad Billings.

Due to the number of candidates for the Treasurer position, we had to take paper ballots. During the tally process, Chris Livingston shared some humorous jokes. Do not quit you day job Brother Chris.

RW Bindel made a few remarks about the redistricting suggestions and said that he would table the resolution this year and revisit it for the following year. We had one other lodge consolidation happen this year, Alexander C. Garrett Lodge 1216 merged with East Dallas Lodge 1200.

Our new officers elected are as follows:

Scott G. Hill – President

Casey Bostain- Vice President

Seth Alston – Secretary

David Bindel – Treasurer

We had a total of three people who were nominated for the Treasures position this year, and only one can be elected, and we greatly appreciate your willingness to place your name as candidate for theposition. Thanks to Robert Weston and Ken Cochran for running. We hope you will consider running again next year. We had a total vote count of 26, four ballots were void, out of 22 remaining, 17 ballots cast were for David Bindel.

Installation Officer for tonight was scheduled for MW Grand Master Paul D. Underwood, but due to COVID concerns, respectfully declined to attend and was encouraged by Brother President Jeff Haven to do so. President Haven secured PP GSW Brad Billings to be presiding officer and installing Marshall was PP Chris Livingston. PP Kyle Wahlquist was Installing Chaplain. This might have been the first time that all former past presidents participated as the Installation Team. Kyle Wahlquist was a proxy tonight for Scott G. Hill who was not present for the installation. Congratulations again for all the elected and

appointed officers. George Rutherford, Ambassador, and Kevin Morton, Chaplain have agreed to be appointed officers for the remaining year. Congratulations to all the new officers!

Newly Elected Casey Bostain took over the meeting and read letter from Scott G. Hill.

Casey Bostain, acting President, presented Jeff Haven with his Past President Name Badge. Casey Bostain passed out Officer Tumbler to the new officers.

Photos were taken after the event by former Grand Photographer Darrel Hefley. Thank you very much Darrel for your willingness to serve and honor us with your photography skills. President Jeff Haven also thanked Bryan Newman and John Samul who attended tonight and help run sound and lights. It was very appreciative.

A few announcements were shared.

James Kirkpatrick shared information on York Rite degrees in Waco on

September 26th.

RW Jim Rumsey mentioned the following on proficiency examinations. You must open MM degree then call down to FC degree, do proficiency, then close degree then open EA degree.

Next meeting will be held on August 26, 2020 at Dallas Lodge No. 760, program will be about Lodge Consolidations.

Brother Kevin Morton closed with prayer he received from Brother Bob Mauch.

The meeting was closed at 9:15 pm

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