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Minutes January 29, 2020

The Meeting of January 29, 2020 was held at Tannehill Masonic Lodge No. 52

7:30 Start / Pledges

7:32 SW Bill Penix was introduced and there were 16 Tannehill members in attendance

7:34 Justin Duty

7:48 VP Scott Hill introduction of Dignitaries:

7:56 Pres. Haven Introduction of District Deputy Grand Masters 14th District

(can provide brief synopsis of each RWs statement if wanted)

o RW Bindle

o RW CD Kelton

o RW Gravely

o RW Jenson

o RW Troutte

o RW LaBellarts

o RW Hill

o RW Moore

8:11 Pres. Haven ask that they share their schedule on MWSA website.

8:15 Lodge Roll Call: Can provide Lodge roll call and attendance # if needed.

8:19 Announcements from those in Attendance.

o Feb. 12th. Meet at the Shrine

o Announced that the Alla Grotto Monarch Casey Bostain in Attendance

o Feed the Funnel Announcement

o Mike Biddler Lifetime Certificate Presentation on March 10th @ Highland Park Lodge.

o Bio’s March 15th.

8:34 Prayer by Chaplain Ken Morton.

8:36 Meeting adjourned

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