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Minutes August 28, 2019

The Meeting of August 28, 2019 was held at James A. Smith Lodge

14 MWSA Monthly Meeting August 28, 2019 was hosted by James A. Smith Lodge. WM Roger Landry and 12 lodge members attended. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by Ed Mozach and David Neal Kelley. President Jeff Haven opened the meeting at 7:32pm with prayer and pledges to the flags. Brother Vice President introduced our dignitaries and we had three past presidents of 14MWSA in attendance including Chris Livingston. We had three DDGMs, David R. Gisler, Michael L. Brummett, and Terry Maxwell. Dr. Jim Rumsey Committee on Work along with two Grand Lodge officers Eric Stuyvesant and Brad Billings. We did a roll call of lodges per the by-laws. We had 9 lodges with one member, 7 lodges with two members, three lodges with three members, Carrollton with 7, and James A. Smith with 13. We had a total attendance of 34 brothers plus one lady which represented 21 lodges. Twenty lodges did not have any representatives, which means about 50% of the lodges attended.

Scott G. Hill gave a excellent presentation on Guarding the West Gate, a very important topic for lodges. He shared information on when and how to share petitions, voting on investigation reports, and really and truly making sure that any new members are fully vetted on the time commitment for not only themselves but the lodge members bringing in new members.

Minutes and Treasurers reports were made and approved. The Traveling Gavel was currently at Metropolitan lodge. President Haven appointed Chris Livingston to chair the audit committee. The new directories are hot off the press and we distributed about 100 copies. Each lodge will receive 5 copies. Records were kept of who took directories for which lodges, and distribution will continue. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy they are available for $5.00 each and will be sold at monthly meetings. Attendance certificates for 2018-2019 were passed out to those present. DDGM David R. Gisler shared information about the fall Brisco Workshops. Dates and locations to be confirmed. President Haven shared thoughts about the announcements during the meetings and recommended that brothers and lodges start using the tools available such as the google distribution list and the google lodge calendar on our website. Distributing the information at the meetings is only shared with those present, why not share details with those other 500 + members? Next month we will be meeting at Richardson Lodge and topic is Lead Management. Meeting was closed with prayer at 8:25pm.

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