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Minutes March 31, 2021

March Stated Meeting - Held at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral March 31, 2021

We held the March Stated meeting in the beautiful Blue Room of the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral on March 31st, 2021. The room was full of Masons and guests. The meeting was opened at 7:45 with prayer and pledges. Vice President Bostain asked for a quick Treasurer's Report and we voted to pay our bills.

After the usual monthly business, we dove straight into our program for the night. We began with an interesting presentation by Secretary Seth Alston about Sam Houston. Everyone in the room was enthralled, with many saying it was one of the best speeches ever given. Secretary Alston presented multiple facts about Sam Houston that most people had never known.

After Secretary Alston captivated the audience, Brothers Russell Brown, Don Paul Payton, and Billy Hamilton spoke on the Sam Houston Hall of Fame. Brother Brown and Payton both sit on the Board of Directors for the Grand Lodge Library and Museum, while Brother Hamilton serves as General Manager. The Sam Houston Hall of Fame Is the charity that funds and manages the Masonic Grand Lodge Library and Museum of Texas.

Secretary Alston made a motion that the 14th MWSA donate $1,000 and become a full member of the Hall of Fame. The motion was seconded and was passed.

RW Danny Wright, DDGM of 14-H, gave a brief presentation on his thought on redistricting the 14th district. He past out a questionnaire looking for feedback from lodges in the district.

There being nothing more to come before association, we closed with prayer and headed to The Green Door for further fellowship.

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