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Minutes June 30, 2021

June Stated Meeting – held at Oak Cliff Masonic Center June 30, 2021

The June stated meeting was held in Oak Cliff Masonic Lodge #705 on June 30th, 2021. The meeting was opened with prayer at 7:45pm with prayer and pledges. President Hill welcomed everyone and covered usual monthly business.

Taylor Kennedy, Worshipful Master of Oak Cliff Lodge, gave an introduction of the members of Oak Cliff Lodge that were present and spoke about a few highlights from his Lodge this year. Upcoming events were covered, and a Treasurer’s Report was given.

The main program for this meeting was brought by MWSA Treasurer David Bindel. Brother Bindel gave a very thought-provoking presentation on “Where do we find Masonic education?” Using his eloquent voice, he made listeners ponder how their lodges were treating education, but more especially a newer Mason.

There being nothing more to come before the association, we closed with prayer and continued fellowship at Ten Bells.

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