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Minutes November 18, 2020

November Stated Meeting - Held at the Dallas Scottish Rite Cathedral November 18,2020

The November stated meeting was held in downtown Dallas at the Scottish Rite Cathedral. We opened at 7:35pm to a packed Blue Room with a prayer from our Chaplain. After brief introductions, we dove right into the evenings program, which was an presentation of the proposed resolutions and recommendations that were going to be brought up in January at the Grand Annual Communication.

Civil Law Committee Chairman Chris Livingston and Grand Senior Warden Brad Billings did an excellent job of presenting the resolutions and recommendations in a non-biased manner. A brief explanation and discussion were held on a couple of the proposed changes.

It was a rather short night because no other business was brought forward after the presentation. No one in the room was too upset. We closed with a prayer, then continued the fellowship next door at The Green Door.

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