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Minutes May 27, 2020

The Meeting of May 27, 2020 was held virtually

Meeting Opened at 7:30pm with Opening Remarks by President Haven

Welcome everyone to our May District 14th MWSA meeting. Yes, it’s another

virtual meeting in the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic.

Tonight, was supposed to have been our Grand Masters Official Visit to our

Fourteenth Masonic District but we had to reschedule.

So again, welcome, and just want to say THANKS for your attendance tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful memorial holiday weekend and paid tribute and

respect to Honor all those veterans who gave their lives in defense of our nation,

those fine men and women who fought for our freedoms we so love dearly and

appreciate today, who shed blood and never were able to return home to their

families and take off that uniform. So tonight, let’s give thanks and praise again

to those valiant heroes.

Brother Chaplain Kevin Morton led us in prayer followed by pledges led by Haven.

RW Scott G. Hill introduced our distinguished visitors starting with PP Chris

Livingston, Richard Hudman, Brad Billings. DDGMs in attendance were Robert W.

Moore, Scott G. Hill. DI present were Darrel Hefley and Chris Livingston. Grand

Lodge officers Present were RW Jim Rumsey, Grand Junior Deacon and

Committee of Work and RW Brad Billings, Grand Senior Warden.

The Educational Program for tonight’s virtual meeting is by RW Jim Rumsey,

Committee on Work and Grand Junior Deacon. Some of you may know, Dr

Rumsey on his own provided a daily educational seminar on Facebook and it was

extremely educational, and everyone enjoyed the content. I felt it was important

to share with our members of 14MWSA who may not be on Facebook and have

access to his presentations. The first tonight was the new COVID-19 reception of

the DDGMs for their official visits.

Our Educational Program tonight will be presented by RW Jim Rumsey,

Committee on Work, North Central and Northeast Texas.

How many of you are aware of his private Facebook group which has over 1,164


Jim has provided much education over the course of this pandemic for now 10

weeks or so with his Masonic Daily Trivia. Yesterday was post 47.

Jim Rumsey has also produced over a dozen or more educational videos on

various topics, that are very educational and have a lot of useful information that

we all take for granted, which has been passed down by brothers to our lodge

members that many not be 100% correct, but heck, we have always done it that


Another one is on balloting. Let us take another poll tonight to see how many

brothers feel their lodge meets the requirement of the balloting with the white

and black instruments?

Following Jim Rumsey’s educational presentation, we also presented him with a

certificate of appreciation for his efforts on sharing educational information

during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

As you know, the Lamar Banquet was cancelled so we are going to refund any

money sent for table and Lamar medals and certificates.

We hope to shift the GM Official Visit to our July meeting.

Treasurers Report and Secretary’s reports were postponed till we can meet in


Our Next meeting will be virtual on June 24. Stay safe and healthy!

Brother Chaplain Kevin Morton closed the meeting with heartfelt prayer.

Meeting was closed at approximately 8:28pm

20200527-14MWSA Stated Mtg PP
Download PDF • 1.31MB

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