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Learning About The Masonic Home & School Charity

For our May 2017 Stated Meeting, we invited the Masonic Home & School to come talk with us a bit about their charity.

The Masonic Home And School Program

For more than one hundred years, the Masonic Home and School has provided food, accommodations, medical care, and many other services to those in need. This benevolence is a direct result of the generosity of Texas Masons.

In 1899, the Masonic Widows and Orphans Home opened its doors in southeast Fort Worth. The last graduate of MHS crossed the stage in 2005, and the residential facility and independent school district closed their doors. For over one hundred years, this incredible spirit of goodwill and concern for children characterized the Masonic Home and School. In 2007, Masonic Home and School of Texas began a new chapter to continue the 117-year legacy. Our programs provides innovative and cost effective solutions for hundreds of qualified children and widows annually.

The Masonic Home & School of Texas programs include:

Program Services Dept.

This program assists children up to 21 in TexasIt can be used for medicaldentalvan conversionsfoodclothing, etc. Kids do not have to be related to Masons

Autism Services

This program helps parents work with Autistic children

Some of the services include ABA Therapyoccupational Therapy

Widows Program

Helps widows into the Masonic retirement centerThe timeline for this program generally takes 4-6 months

Fantastic Teeth Program

This is obviously the most known program by Texas Masons, as it works with the local Lodges to build the packets for the kids, and sponsor schools across Texas. This program has greatly helped Masonic Lodges get back and give back, to their communities.

This Program includes: Dental program for 1st graders to receive free dental kitsEducation for kids and their parents around dental hygiene The program is so successful due to Masonic Lodge involvement 636 Masonic Lodges participated this school yearWe have reached out to 129,000 first graders with this program Provides a great opportunity for Lodges to get active in their community

If you know a Lodge that has not participated, get them involved!

If you are a Masonic Lodge that would like to participate in the Fantastic Teeth Program, you can sign up here. It is easy to register and easy to participate.


The Masonic Home and School does not solicit contributions from Lodges, but they do receive donations from time to time and will accept them.

Find out more about this great Texas Masonic Charity.

Other Meeting Highlights

In addition to this wonderful program, we got to see our District Instructor and Grand Photographer Darrell Hefley. As many of you know, Brother Hefley has been going through some medical issues, but he appeared to be on the mend. His spirits were high, and we all enjoyed sharing in fellowship with him.

Scott Hill of Tannehill and Highland Park Lodges also announced his candidacy for availability for the treasurer of the MWSA.

Sam P. Cochran Lodge was thanked for providing such a wonderful meal, which was BBQ brisket and all the sides.

Brother President Thompson closed the meeting in peace and harmony.

Your 14th District MWSA Officers:

From Left to Right: Jeff Haven, George Rutherford, Kyle Wahlquist, Chris Livingston, Robert Thompson

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